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When the scientists at Underwriters Laboratories test a safe for fire resistance, they fill it with paper and expose it to a 2,000-degree fire. The test doesn’t stop there. Next, they drop the safe two stories and see how well it holds up. “Safes aren’t usually on the basement floor,” explained Robert J. James, Global Building and Security Inspection Leader/Commercial & Industrial for Underwriters Laboratories. James addressed a recent meeting of Cincinnati’s Loss Control department, describing the history and mission of Underwriters Laboratories, a global independent safety science company founded[.....]

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College and professional football season prompts many fans to upgrade their televisions. Where viewing is concerned, bigger is better. But bigger can also be more dangerous, with larger TVs creating unanticipated hazards at home. More than 17,000 children – one every 30 minutes – are treated in emergency rooms across the country for TV-related injuries every year, and the rate of children being hurt from televisions tipping over has nearly doubled in two decades, according to a 2013 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. When families purchase new televisions,[.....]

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New teen driver. As both the father of a new driver and an underwriter, those words make me nervous. But some proactive discussion among the new driver, his or her parents and your local agent can make the teenage driving years a lot less stressful. Readiness – First, make sure your teenager is ready to be behind the wheel. Even a delay of six months could allow your teen enough time to be ready for the responsibility of driving. You set the tone – Your driving habits have an impact[.....]

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A boiler is to a building as your heart is to your body: The wrong thing happens, and any other concern that may be troubling you becomes moot. Like your heart, a boiler is subject to deterioration that may not be apparent until it is too late. The only way to become aware of declining conditions and avoid catastrophic loss is through examination by a qualified person. Throughout history both physicals and boiler inspections have saved lives…maybe even your own. What does this have to do with insurance? If machinery[.....]

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Football game day fuels emotions and festivities, whether you’re rooting for your college alma mater or your favorite pro team. Don’t let the distractions of tailgating, friendly get-togethers, the game or your busy neighborhood lead you to disregard safety issues. Before decking out in your favorite team colors, keep these tips in mind: Follow all posted rules for your tailgating site. Make sure your grill is placed a reasonable distance away from your vehicle. Heat from the grill can damage the paint and could ignite the gas tank. Place a[.....]

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